Rate my burger vol.1

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever yammed down on a fat juicy burger and felt your eyes roll back & your whole life flash before you?? As someone who loves food, the sensation of a good burger is yet to be matched for me. Although I've been trying to reduce my meat intake … Continue reading Rate my burger vol.1

Spring-broken 2019

When I say 'spring break woo woooooo' I'm sure 99% of people reading this will know exactly what I mean by it. Notoriously messy, the concept of spring break is famous pretty much all over the world, and partying in Mexico is basically a mandatory part of attending college here. First of all, a week … Continue reading Spring-broken 2019

I don’t wanna talk about it (world suicide prevention day post)

"Just talk to someone" is so easy to say when you're not going through stuff yourself. With world suicide prevention day just gone on the 10th, I just wanted to make people aware of an app that has really helped me in the past. Suicide, as everyone probably knows, is one of the leading preventable causes … Continue reading I don’t wanna talk about it (world suicide prevention day post)